Vargarna Speedway
Motorstadion Kråkvilan
605 92 Norrköping
Tel: 011-18 20 20

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  1. Hello My Name is Terry Gillam I am visiting from Australia on my way to Speedway GP in Prague. I am a photo journalist with website
    Can I please have permission to attend the match on Thursday and take some photos from the pits and the infield
    Terry Gillam

  2. Hi,
    We are travelling to the Swedish GP in Malilla on Saturday 12th August.
    We’d love to come and see the Wolves ride on Thursday 10th .v. Gripana
    Would it be possible to park our motorhome outside the stadium until the Friday morning?
    We are self sufficient (and tidy!).
    There are three in my party, with my wife and son also.
    Simon (Wales, UK)

    • Hi Simon,

      No problems.

      Would be great if you and family could be at the arena (Google maps: Motorstadion, Kråkvilan) at a decent time on thursday so we can show you you were to park.
      After the meeting the road to the arena will be closed with a road barrier, and will open again 8.00 the following morning.

      Welcome to Vargarna speedway in Norrköping!

      Kind regards
      Anders Carlberg

  3. Thank you for making us (the 25 British visitors) so welcome at the match against Griparna last night. Congratulations on the fine victory, and I hope Viktor will soon be fully recovered.
    Thank you also for giving the race times in English; but could you please let me know the time for Heat 15 as I missed that one.
    (From Market Bosworth in England)

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